Through the eyes of a 12 year old

Editor's note: The following piece was written by 12-year-old Roan, from England, as part of a class assignment. He and his family visited us in the summer of 2023. Dad Chris sent it along to us recently, and we were so delighted that we asked permission to post it to our blog series. We think Roan may want to investigate a career as a travel writer!

  Our time at Farewell Harbour was by far the best 3 days of the holiday and that is saying a lot when considering our three week adventure exploring the beautiful Jasper and Banff National Parks and marvelling at the nature and scenery of stunning British Colombia, surfing, white water rafting and mountain biking your days away.

We felt so welcomed at Farewell Harbour Lodge. Every staff member knew our name within minutes of arrival and really wanted to learn all about us, as well as spread kindness and incredible stories with us. Our every whim catered to, and every dietary requirement, even 'fussy eater' children, embraced.

While most holiday destinations are about relaxing and easing off after a long work period, Farewell Harbour Lodge is somewhere you can do that... but why would you want to when all these fantastic opportunities were there for you? Farewell Harbour is a spectacular family-run lodge that perfectly balances the love of animals and nature with authentic and comfortable accommodation. It is nestled in a natural harbour on the edge of Berry Island, located in the Inside Passage (the body of water between Vancouver Island and mainland Canada). 

Words can't describe the sense of calm as you relax in your ocean side room listening to the waves lapping against the boats and having your every need cared for by the ever-smiling staff.

Every evening all the guests, and many of the team, would gather in the main room and listen to a staff member give a presentation about an animal or something to do with the conservation of the surrounding nature. We were entranced as we learnt about the mighty Killer Whales (Orcas) that frequent the local bays and rub against the pebbles in the nearby inlets. We were amazed by the sightings of the spirit bear, an animal we only thought existed in legend, and also how much of a big part the owners of the lodge played in the conservation of the species.

Whatever you wanted to do the next day was only a single conversation away as the lodge manager Tim would consider any requests big or small and organise his staff to accommodate you and what you wanted to spend time doing. We enjoyed a day safari to witness Grizzly Bears pawing their way along the shore, drifted gently along inlets surrounded by majestic killer whales and listened to the spout of the humpbacks. We screamed in delight as schools of dolphins surfed in the wake of the boat and watched the sea otters sleeping soundly wrapped in kelp as the world drifted by them. Sea kayaking, wilderness walks and paddle boarding were also on offer should a more active day be your wish.

My lasting impression of Farewell Harbour Lodge was somewhere I wanted to shout about, a truly unique and unbelievable place everyone should have the chance to experience, but also I wanted to keep it secret, too special to share too widely. By far one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had.

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