Swimming? Well not really swimming - more dipping quickly - but to a casual observer on the deck glaring into the sun after a few cocktails it could look like swimming. When the ambient air temperature is on the warmer side, generally in July and August, the Farewell Harbour Lodge staff will gently cajole you (especially the kids!) into joining them for our world famous Farewell 5PM Swim Club.

The bragging rights are priceless. Join the hearty souls on the dock at 5PM where, on the count of 3, we all simultaneously jump into the Pacific Ocean in Farewell Harbour. The water temperatures fluctuates based on the tide, weather and time of year but generally hovers between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius so we generally don't hang out in the water and chit chat too long before clambering back onto the dock.  

Sometimes it's just 3   These brave souls enjoyed the cool waters   No cheating!

Ask our General Manager, Tim, about the time the young lad from Wales challenged him to see how long they could each stay in the 6 degree water. The young man thought they grew them tough and hardy in Wales. Tim sports a really cool Welsh T-Shirt as a memento of the event although these types of competitions are not encouraged :)