Why should I choose Farewell Harbour Lodge?

There are a number of excellent eco-lodges in our region. While it can be difficult deciding which one to patronize, we believe all are operated by people who care deeply about this place and about their guests’ experience.  However here are some things that we think differentiate us.

One of our biggest attributes at Farewell Harbour Lodge is our location. We are located literally only minutes away from prime whale habitat — both Orca and Humpack. While sightings are never guaranteed, our proximity makes travel to the prime viewing grounds easy and fast.

We also offer a variety of bear viewing opportunities in different areas where our bear viewing is either from a small vessel or on land on foot. We do not use viewing platforms or view in artificial habitat. While this can make our bear viewing somewhat more unpredictable than other operations, we believe it makes for a more intimate and realistic experience.

Our lodge has an intimate, homespun feel with a combination of floating and land based accommodations connected by a series of beautiful wooden walkways and easy to access low ramps. Behind our ocean-front lodge is our very private and secluded 30 acre old growth forest that lies directly adjacent and connected to the pristine 11,000 acre Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park.

Our staff are some of the most passionate and experienced guides working on the BC coast today. We have guided all over the world and all over the BC coast and this is our home!

Are your tours suitable for me?

Anyone is eligible to participate in one of our tours as long as they have an enthusiastic attitude and enjoy traveling in a small group. No previous experience is required for most of our tours. Our aim is to produce trips that can be enjoyed by people of every level of expertise, from novice to expert. While none of our tours are particularly strenuous, guests should have a certain amount of agility, and should be able to clamber in and out of boats on your own. Regular exercise before any outdoors trip will add to your enjoyment, but our tours are geared towards anyone in good health and an active lifestyle.We feel that positive attitude, and an open mind is more important than being in super shape.

Will I be required to sign a waiver?

As is standard in the adventure and nature-based tourism industry in British Columbia, all guests are required to have completed a waiver, release of liability and assumption of risks document prior to joining any of our tours. This is a legal document which you should read and understand prior to signing. You can view this document in advance of booking by clicking on the following link:

View Online Waiver (English version) 

What is the chance of seeing wildlife?

Farewell Harbour Lodge offers wilderness viewing experiences that give guests the opportunity to see and learn about all wildlife in their natural habitat. Wildlife moves to its own rhythms which is, of course, unpredictable. With our bearviewing, we benefit from the experience of our guides in selecting on a daily basis from a variety of areas best suited to the seasonal and daily rhythms. With our whale watching, the Orca will tend to move into the area in mid to late July and because of our proximity to the viewing area, our viewing success is very high.

What about children?

The minimum age for our tours is 10 years old.

What about the weather?

Farewell Harbour Lodge lies in the heart of the world’s last remaining, pristine coastal temperate rain forest, so it is not uncommon to get rain even during the summer months. We consider this a very small price to pay for the opportunity to experience the rich and diverse ecosystem found in our unique part of the world. Guests must come prepared for all types of weather as outlined in the equipment list provided.

What about clothing and equipment?

A list is included with your guest package that you will receive about 45 days prior to your arrival. If you have any questions our office is available to offer expert advice on the selection of clothing and equipment.

Is Farewell Harbour Lodge a member of any professional industry associations?

Farewell Harbour Lodge is a member of the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association. The lodge makes an annual contribution to aid in protection and conservation of both wild bears and wild whales. We are also a member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia.