Nature Photography

Of course, nature and wildlife photography opportunities abound at Farewell Harbour. Whether on a bear viewing tour, out exploring Berry Island behind the lodge or scuba diving in the Broughton Archipelago, most of our guests are never very far from their camera.  However, if  you have ever wanted to propel your photography skills to a new level, you’ll want to consider joining John Lehmann at Farewell Harbour Lodge for his comprehensive master class in wildlife photography.

The Farewell Harbour wildlife photography workshop will provide students the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills needed to shoot, edit and present a photo-essay. The workshop promises to be an adventure full of inspired learning and amazing photographic opportunities where students will gain incredible insight into visual storytelling, action photography, workflow and editing.

John Lehman photo   John Lehman photo   John Lehman photo

Farewell Harbour Lodge is very pleased to have John Lehmann leading our annual photo tour workshops for wildlife photography enthusiasts.  John is one of the top photojournalists in North America. He  is not simply a photographer, he is a visual journalist. And the principal that underpins everything is accuracy and honesty, both to the people he reports on and the readers to whom he reports. Since 2001, Lehmann has been based in Vancouver but his work has taken him across Canada and around the world.  He has covered five Olympics, summer and winter, and international news such as the Boxing Day tsunami in Southeast Asia. Major projects include month-long assignments in both China and Russia.

For more information, check out our Nature Photography Package.


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