Disconnect & Relax

Nowadays, the very act of disconnecting from our electronic gadgets, slowing down the rhythm of our lives and attempting to relax, requires conscious effort. Here at Farewell Harbour Lodge, we have a wealth of activities available for those who seek to disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with the natural world. However, we also offer the lodge as a refuge for those who want to disconnect from the virtual world and do ... nothing. "Doing nothing" might involve any of the following activities:

One of our spectacular sunsets!    

  • reading a paperback book (or a Kindle if you must) 
  • watching a real crackling fire in our Great Room
  • sitting on our deck watching the best sunsets on the planet
  • staying up late to stargaze and watch Orion gently tilt across the northern hemisphere sky
  • sharing a glass of BC Shiraz or a pint of Gladstone's ale with a fellow international traveller who speaks your language better after the second glass
  • staying in bed until half past 10 in the morning just like your teenage kids do
  • listening to the waves gently roll across Farewell Harbour while you watch for whale spouts in Blackfish Sound
  • walking in the forest behind the lodge and smelling the terpenes (chemical compounds emitted by trees proven to lower your blood pressure and your heart rate)
  • turning off your phone, iPad, Apple watch, and your computer - not just putting them to sleep - actually turning them off 
  • pulling up one of the ropes out of the ocean on our dock and seeing how many different species of life you can find on it
  • finding a partner and playing a game of chess, backgammon or cards
  • watching the hummingbirds buzz around the lodge and seeing the bald eagles, ravens and Great Blue herons soaring in the treetops surrounding the lodge
  • listening to the soothing patter of the rain on the roof of the lodge
  • sighing and breathing deeply and repeating